Logan Avenue - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The photographs in this exhibition were produced in the period of 2005-2006. During my many travels back and forth across the city of Winnipeg I began to notice one of the unique characteristics of Logan Avenue: it is a major street that lacks a fašade of commercial buildings masking its adjacent neighbourhoods. As a result, its many layers, corresponding to the growth of the city, are more or less laid bare. Incongruous relationships of homes to industrial buildings and churches, warehouses and empty lots to small shops all become part of the strong texture of life along its length.

Starting from the old downtown near the Red River, Logan Avenue stretches northwest through a variety of residential neighbourhoods, old and new industrial areas and finally ends in the transportation hub of the modern Prairies: the trucking industry and Winnipeg International Airport.

Like my other images of the city, the human presence in these photographs is alluded to but not depicted in an obvious way. And like my earlier work, light, as defined by both natural and artificial sources, is an important element in defining the drama that is found in the relationships of the architectural and the natural environment.

Logan Avenue was first exhibited at the Manitoba Printmakers Martha Street Studio in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada from January 17-February 24 2006